Keep Your Cool

1. Think Insulation

Insulating your home will improve your lifestyle by keeping the summer heat & the winter cold outside (where is belongs). It will reduce energy consumption, which everyone is interested in these days.

Also, an insulated home requires much less expensive heating and cooling than an uninsulated home, leading to significant (50%) energy savings.

When selecting batts remember  the higher the quoted R Value, the great the ability to resist heat flow.

The roof of your home is the greatest source of heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter. So ceiling insulation is important. the ceilings of existing homes with pitched roofs can be insulated easily (especially on cools days, as roof spaces can get hot!).

To be effective, installation of insulation must be in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, instructions and details. There should be no gaps between batts, ceiling joists or wall studs.

2. Outdoor Living

Well planned outdoor living areas can provide additional living space at a minimum cost.

In Wollongong NSW, welcome north-easterly winds prevail on summer afternoons.

Placing the verandah, terrace or deck on the northern side will not only utilize these breezes but will also provide protection from the southerly winter winds.

Damaging summer sun can be eliminated and warming winter sun allowed to penetrate through careful planning of the roof.

A canopy over a deck open to the north would provide full shade in summer while allowing winter sun to penetrate.

Also consider the relationship between the terrace, verandah or deck and the internal living spaces of the house.

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