How Can I Get My Project Started?

If you are thinking of building then you already know how hard it is to find correct information. Just to find out what it would cost to build can be a major undertaking. What kind of quality level is needed, which of approvals and possibilities you should know about before you start the actual project … .it’s a lot, that’s where an architect can help.

1. Firstly write down what it is you want and need. Be as clear as possible about what you want to achieve, what you need and what you can afford. This is called the “brief’. You can include notes, drawings, photographs and clippings from magazines.

2. When you first meet with your architect briefly outline the nature of your project and the budget you have in mind. The architect can assist you in clarifying and formulating your brief. Discuss the services the architect will provide and the stages of the project.

3. Have a look at past projects designed by the architect to see if you like the designs.

4. You may ask for client references. Are previous clients satisfied with the services they received? Is the client enjoying the solution designed for them? Would the client recommend that architect?

5. Check the architect’s qualifications and registration. If in doubt, check with the Board of Architects to ensure that they are registered architects.

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