Chickarovski Backs Port Kembla Stack Plan

Author: Greg Ellis
Date: 07/06/2013
Publication: Illawarra Mercury
Section: Local News
Former NSW Liberal leader Kerry Chikarovski has joined the push to save the PKC stack at Port Kembla and turn it into a tourist attraction.Mrs Chikarovski, who runs her own government relations consultancy, has revealed she is part of a group  putting together a proposal to install a lift and viewing platform at the iconic structure.

But she said the community needed to support such a proposal now before it was too late and the stack  demolished.

‘‘This is an area which I think has so much opportunity and passion,’’ she told a business dinner in Wollongong this week.

‘‘This is my pet project in this area.

‘‘And it is a classic example of how you need to get the politicians and bureaucracy working together.’’

Mrs Chikarovski said she supported the proposal for an elevator leading up to platform with a glass floor to look through.

‘‘And if you are really adventurous what we want to do is put you on guide ropes and let you run down the face of it,’’ she said.

‘‘I have got a vision and the people I am working with have it too…we want to turn Wollongong and Port Kembla into the excitement capital of NSW and Australia. We want you to be the Queenstown of NSW.’’

Mrs Chikarovski said she would be interested in hearing from anyone who supported such an idea.

‘‘That is the sort of project I get a big kick out of working with the bureaucrats, working with politicians and working with the community to get an outcome.’’
— Images below: right-Architectural impression of proposal. Rejuvenation of the Stack and its Complex (By Borst & Conacher Architects 2013).. left-current image of the Port Kembla Stack (photo credits Illawarra Mercury 14-9-12) —


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